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Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain will affect most of us at some point in our lives and in severe cases it can be debilitating, inhibiting all movement due to pain. Sometimes the cause of back pain is obvious, such as an injury at work or whilst playing sports. However, with peoples increasing sedentary lifestyles back pain often comes on gradually as a dull ache that may worsen over time. It may affect any part of the spine from the neck to pelvis and could involve any of the supporting ligaments, tendons or muscles.

Symptoms of back pain vary greatly depending on the cause of injury and the existing level of the health. Some of the general symptoms of Back or Neck pain may include;

  • Pain varying from the sharp pain of sciatica to a generalised dull ache.
  • Stiffness, usually worse after long periods of remaining still, especially on awaking in the morning.
  • Tenderness over the affected area when pressed.
  • Unusual pressure on the nerves from swelling or bone and muscle impingement can cause altered sensation, such as numbness or tingling in the surrounding tissues.
  • You may have referred pain down one of your limbs from a nerve impinged in the back or neck.
  • Localised swelling may be present at the site of pain.
  • Back and neck pain typically worsen during activity and eases at rest.
  • Muscle spasms may occur as the back tries to protect against further damage.

Most back pain will resolve itself eventually, but may take weeks or even months depending on the original cause and the tissues damaged. Intervention from one of our experienced Osteopaths or physiotherapists can help alleviate your painful symptoms and facilitate your confident return to normal activities in the quickest possible time. If the cause of your back and neck pain stems from another part of the body, common to postural issues and biomechanical abnormalities, the therapist may need to begin therapy on that area first. Some of the treatment techniques used may include;

  • Heat treatments to increase tissues extensibility and relieve pain.
  • Soft tissue massage to release tension, loosen muscles.
  • Activity modification advice to help recovery and avoid re-injury during work or sports.
  • Postural advice to relieve pain and reduce injury risk.
  • Strengthening exercises to improve joint stability, particularly during intense activity.
  • Electrotherapy to reduce painful symptoms.
  • Spinal mobilisations, to relive pressure, reduce tension and release impingements.
  • Progressive exercise plan for self-management.

Your therapist will treat your symptoms giving you relief from pain and stiffness, then develop a personalised exercise plan to improve your functional recovery and gently strengthen your core muscles to reduce the future risk of injury.

If you would like more information on how Osteopathy or Physiotherapy can help back and neck pain, or you would like to book an appointment, please email us at info@nickcastle.co.uk. or phone us on 0207 386 9777.

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